• NIDOE harness the enormous potentials of Nigerians living in Europe and bring them together to offer their various skills to assist Nigeria’s developmental process.

  • NIDOE recognizes that the most important resources in any country for sustainable development are not material but human resources, which are sufficiently available in Nigeria.
    Yet, rapid development is not taking place in Nigeria.

  • NIDOE-Austria provides the platform for all Nigerians living in Austria to identify these resources, come forward to offer their skills and experiences, work and collaborate with one another in the task of nation building.


  • To participate fully in the process of visioning, planning and the promotion of democracy, social, economic and cultural development and good governance of Nigeria.

  • To promote the spirit of patriotism amongst Nigerians living in Austria and encourage their participation in the affairs of Nigeria.

  • To encourage partnership-working, and networking amongst Nigerians living in Austria and elsewhere in Europe, with government departments and organisations on economic, democratic and cultural issues in Nigeria.

  • To serve as technical advisers, partners and act as catalysts with Nigeria with respect to development of policies, organisation and implementation of social and economic programmes.

  • To help as technical advisers and partners to the Nigerian government and other interested parties on specific matters of social, economic and cultural initiatives in the interest of Nigerians and Nigeria, upon specific requests from government, government agencies, charities, and Non-Governmental Organisation, and other bodies.

  • To assist in promoting and enhancing a good image for Nigeria in the international arena.

  • To create a database of Nigerian professionals in Austria, whose background, experience and contact could help facilitate the development of Nigeria.
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